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We’re proud to announce that we are currently taking reservations for our Hard Truth Bourbon, Hard Truth Wheated Bourbon, and Hard Truth Rye Whiskey.

Our Hard Truth barrels are currently aging under the patient and watchful care of our Master Distiller.

As each spirit reaches its full potential in the barrel, he will establish the blends that define delightful and uncompromising flavor profiles — experiences worthy of the name Hard Truth.

Be part of our history and our future: Reserve your bottles now.

Once you make your reservation, you’ll receive a signed certificate that secures your place in Hard Truth history.

As an additional thank you from Hard Truth Distilling Co., certificate holders will be invited to an exclusive annual event at Hard Truth Hills. This event will feature an exclusive tour of the ‘Hills, a tasting with our Master Distiller, and other unannounced, but noteworthy, delights.


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Bourbon (Rye flavor grain) …available 2021

Appearance: Brilliant amber, warm, clean
Nose: Heavy with rich dried fruit, hints of mint and orange, cocoa, vanilla, tobacco
Taste: Rich, chewy, rounded, and smooth, with citrus, cinnamon, cocoa; toffee, caramel, chocolate, and spice notes
Finish: Silky, long, and warm, with satisfying vapors

Rye Whiskey…available fall of 2020

Appearance: Brilliant amber, warm, clean
Nose: Rich oak, caramel, toffee, vanilla, tobacco
Taste: Caramel, baking spices, rich fruit, citrus
Finish: Lasting, complex finish, with dark chocolate, butterscotch, rich fruit, classic rye spice

Wheated Bourbon…available 2022

Appearance: Brilliant amber, warm, clean
Nose: Sweet toasted wood, caramel, vanilla
Taste: Sweet toffee on the front of the palate, soft mouthfeel, warm oak vapors
Finish: Clean, smooth, subtle

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