Sweet Mash Pioneer Society

Join us!

Sweet Mash SocietySweet Mash Pioneer society® is a cohort of grounded visionaries who take the road less traveled. If you’re ready to forge a new path with Hard Truth Distilling Company, then you’re ready to join the Sweet Mash Pioneer Society.

Sweet Mash Pioneers receive monthly updates from our distillery team and participate in two annual private Gatherings at our 325-Acre campus.

Become a Sweet Mash Pioneer…when you purchase a pre-sale bottle of our Indiana Rye whiskey, Hard Truth Bourbon Whiskey, Hard Truth Wheated Bourbon Whiskey, or the full three-pack with one of each. You’ll have to wait. We’ll make it worth your while.

$75 – Individual bottles
$200 – Three pack with Rye, Bourbon, Wheated Bourbon

Two exclusive gatherings
Early access to new products
Monthly updates with Hard Truth news

To Purchase Your Pre Sale Whiskey Visit the Hard Truth Tours and Tastings Center or Online!