White Oak Reserve Rum

Hard Truth

White Oak Reserve Rum

Silver medal, 2019 American Distilling Institute Craft Spirits Awards

Hard Truth White Oak Reserve Rum Small Batch No. 2 is unique unto itself — a pleasant variation on Hard Truth’s previous aged rum releases. Expect a level of familiarity while also experiencing a spirit that’s all its own, shaping the familiar into new and offering unique subtleties exclusive to this new batch.

This Hard Truth is best served: in an old fashioned with sugar and orange bitters; in eggnog or cream with with orange and nutmeg.


Though it’s produced in Indiana, this single-barrel rum was made by fermenting the molasses and cane sugar base with a Caribbean yeast strain. It’s an interesting concept, intended to add subtle fruitiness. Look for a honey hue and a mild aroma that suggests allspice and oak. The first sips lead with drying oak but finish with mellower caramel, brown sugar and spice, plus a toasty hint of pecan.

Kara Newman, Liquor.com
White Oak Reserve Rum

Spirit Specs

  • Small Batch Distiller’s Choice Aged Rum
  • Base: Hard Truth White Rum, aged in new barrels
  • Bottled at 90 proof (45% ABV)
  • Currently unavailable
  • Appearance

    Clear cedar
  • Aroma

    Clove, rye,oak, and brown sugar
  • Taste

    Rich oak, smooth caramel, and rye spiciness
  • Finish

    Dry with hints of butterscotch and charred oak