Sipes’ Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Hard Truth

Sipes’ Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Gold medal, 2019 American Distilling Institute Craft Spirits Awards

Thousands of years ago, glaciers carved the magnificent, rolling landscape in southern Indiana. Brown County, Indiana’s first pioneers settled among those hills and hollows, bringing with them a legacy of whiskey making — a mix of Old World tradition and early-American ingenuity.

Henry A. Sipes, Brown County’s first known distiller, was among those pioneers. His spirits helped supply liquor establishments that cropped up in the county seat. In those establishments Sipes and his fellow pioneers would sip on spirits and celebrate good lives hard-won in the wilds. Our curated, four-year-old Sipes’ Straight Bourbon Whiskey is award-winning and finished in rum casks for an added, earthy sweetness that is soft, smooth, and rich — an homage to the spirits crafted by Sipes.

Raise a glass of Sipes’ and give a nod to the Brown Countians of yesteryear and their pioneering spirit that, lifetimes later, continues to live in our hearts.


Sipes’ Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a curated, four-year-old bourbon finished in rum casks at Hard Truth Hills. Never chill-filtered, this premium bourbon is blended and rested in Brown County, Indiana.


Sipes’ Straight Bourbon Whiskey is best enjoyed as you most prefer consuming fine, aged spirits. Whether it’s neat, with ice or, perhaps, a splash of water, Sipes’ is a beverage to truly be savored.


Sipes’ Gold Medal award winning bourbon - Warm vanilla, toffee, sweet spice of ginger. Lovely dried fruit, creamy vanilla and sweet rum finish.

- From the tasting notes from the judge’s competition at the ADI Spirits Competition
Sipes’ Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Spirit Specs

  • Carefully sourced four-year bourbon
  • Finished in rum casks, blended, and bottled by Hard Truth Distilling Co.
  • Bottled at 90 proof (45% ABV)
  • Available in 750 mL bottles
  • Appearance

    Deep, brilliant copper
  • Aroma

    Carmel sweet cream, with notes of ripe fruit and tobacco
  • Taste

    Pleasantly dense mouthfeel, with hints of toasted nuts and cornbread
  • Finish

    Gentle, long and vaporous, with lingering hints of oak and dried fruit