Hard Truth Craft Cocktails

With Hard Truth’s premium spirits, even the simplest mixed drink can become a work of art.

Here, we’ve compiled some of our favorite Hard Truth cocktail recipes, from simple to complex, including favorites served up at our sister Big Woods restaurants to special treats developed by our cocktail experts just for Hard Truth.

Now, it’s your turn to be the craftsperson.

Cocktail of the Month

Cocktail of the Month



  • 2 oz. Hard Truth Cinnamon Vodka
  • ¼ oz. St. George Raspberry Liqueur
  • 1 packet Hot cocoa powder
  • Hot water, to top
  • Whipped cream and chocolate syrup, to garnish


  1. Add Hard Truth Cinnamon Vodka, raspberry liqueur, and hot cocoa powder to mug.
  2. Top with hot water, then stir until combined.

  3. Top with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup to garnish. Enjoy!



This decadent hot cocoa featuring Hard Truth Cinnamon Vodka and St. George Raspberry Liqueur is better than a box of chocolates!