Embrace the Hard Truth

Hard Truth Distilling Co.

Quality craftsmanship, pure and simple, is the foundation upon which Hard Truth Distilling Co. began.

Here at Hard Truth, we practice the rare art of the sweet mash — each batch of our spirits begins anew with locally-grown grains and pristine water.  Natural ingredients, like pure cane sugar, fresh fruit, and real cinnamon, add character and flavor to our growing catalog of premium spirits.

Always, the Hard Truth is straightforward and clear in purpose.  And, when you take a moment to savor it, the depth you experience and the nuances you find serve as a rewarding reminder of why the Truth is always worth embracing.

McCabe's Irish Whiskey

McCabe's Irish Whiskey

McCabe’s Irish Whiskey holds true to its name — pot-distilled in Ireland,  hallmarked by a light golden color, and imbued with the essences of the malt and grains with which it is crafted, this carefully sourced, true Irish whiskey is proofed and bottled in Brown County, Indiana by Hard Truth Distilling Co.

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